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Ridgeback Ventures is a impact investment and business acquisition company that uses some of our profits, business and property assets to help to employ and house Veterans as they transition to civilian life. We  also offer our financial backers great returns by investing in our property hubs and other businesses that assist Veterans. 

Like the K9 after which our company is named, we are an energetic and ambitious bunch who thrive on exceeding our clients' and investors' expectations.

We are driven to succeed because of a few people that we hold very dear to our hearts. That's why we place a premium on achieving excellence in everything we do — for our clients and investors, the people whose businesses we buy, ourselves and our loved ones.

A tad soppy perhaps, but the motivation that underpins Ridgeback Ventures Limited is rock solid, meaning our clients profit from our focused way of doing business too!


 Ridgeback Ventures Limited is committed to helping some of the several thousand vulnerable Veterans in the UK. Our company is a signatory to the Armed Forces Covenant.

One of primary reasons we started this business is to allocate a large proportion of our growing business and property portfolio to employ and house Veterans. To help us achieve this goal faster, we need your help and are particularly interested in:

  • buying guest houses, B&Bs or small hotels
  • buying blocks of flats or houses with 10 or more bedrooms
  • converting commercial buildings into residential dwellings and
  • buying or leasing plots of land suitable for self-storage

Why not help Veterans by working with us? Get in touch and let's get it sorted!

To see how your business or local community can get involved with the Armed Forces Covenant, please click on their logo below.